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Photography and Math: A Love Story

Growing up, I was passionate about two things, photography and math.Whenever I got assigned a set of problems in math, that was the first piece of homework that I finished as soon as I got home. My friends thought that I was a bit weird, but they never complained when I let them use my answers. I was also passionate about taking pictures, especially of different cool landscapes. When I learned that photography and math could work hand in hand, everything changed with how I think about things.


Learning to Avoid Distractions

I might be one of the worst people when it comes to procrastination.Whenever I got a paper in high school, I would put it off until no earlier than three days before the due date. It was not the best strategy and I do not suggest it, but I did manage to get into Yale (Disclaimer: If you follow in my footsteps and do not get into Yale, do not come blaming me). When I got to Yale, my strategy turned into a silly notion. There was no way I could get by without studying and working hard anymore, which is what led to me sitting down and taking a hard look at my work habits.

What to Look For In a Tutoring Package

There are a lot of tutoring companies out there that are looking to take your money, but there are only a few that really stand above the rest. Instead of advertising the ones that I like, I think it is important that you do your own research into what is important to you and how some of the companies fit. One thing you might value is flexibility and that is something that can vary based on the company. The best let you pay as you go, but others lock you into a package of hours. This might seem annoying, but it can actually be great. Here’s what you should look for.


We offer several packages so that you can choose the one that is most ideal for you.

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Online Sessions

Skype with Dana one-on-one to get all of the specific help that you need. Using screen sharing, you can work interactively with Dana to make sure that you are understanding everything, staying engaged, and actually doing the problems yourself.

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Future Planning

Dana is not just here to help you do better in your math classes. She realizes that this is all a piece of a much larger puzzle, which is why she likes to hold life planning sessions to help her students figure out what they want out of life and how she can help them get there.

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Independent Learning

If you are someone that appreciates a little space, Dana has developed a learning plan that allows you to work at your own pace and seek help when you need it. Using her methods, you can get everything that you need out of the sessions.

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